Technology Demo | Single Pane Of Glass Access To File And Object Storage

When a solution is as complete as the Enterprise File Fabric it is difficult to be fully aware of its capabilities and the use cases it is able to help organizations deal with.

In this new technology demo we aim to cover a full overview of the File Fabric.

Jim Liddle and Doug Soltesz, CEO and Director of Product Solutions at SME, provide a full demo of the Enterprise File Fabric and its non-proprietary, no lock-in, multi-cloud single pane of glass access to file and object storage.

The unique solution offers:

    • Unified single pane of glass access and management
    • File and Object Storage Tiering
    • File and Object Transfer Acceleration
    • Ransomware Protection
    • PHI / PII data detection
    • Data Compliance and Data Governance
    • Deep Content indexing and search of data stored on file and object clouds
    • Native desktop integration via cloud drives.

Watch now:

For more info you can always contact us at or schedule your demo directly here:​

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