The Enterprise File Fabric now includes a GDPR Compliance Healthcheck feature for on-premises and on-cloud data

One of the many reasons organizations have adopted Storage Made Easy’s Enterprise File Fabric™ solution is that it provides an abundance of features that can help companies with compliance regimes, including European GDPR Compliance.

Options such as encrypting data at rest, requiring secure protocols for data transfers and many others help customers to secure and manage the personal information that they hold in unstructured file data, be that on-cloud or on-premises and whether it is posix type file systems or next generation object storage.

Until recently it was up to the organization’s administrator to keep track of the File Fabric’s many compliance-related policies and ensure that they were set appropriately. Now we have introduced a feature that puts this information in one place, making it easy for administrators to confirm and adjust their compliance-related settings.

The new File Fabric feature is called “Compliance Healthcheck“. It consists of a dashboard that filters many of the compliance-related options that the File Fabric provides.

It organizes those settings into two categories based on their configured values. One section, “Recommended Settings”, lists the options for which the current value is the recommended value for compliance-oriented organizations.

The other section, “Requiring Attention”, contains the options for which the current value is not the expected value for organizations that emphasize data protection and compliance.

Each setting on this page is a click-through to a File Fabric policy, so that the administrator can see and change the current values from the Healthcheck page.

Clicking on the “Download Healthcheck Report” button produces a PDF report summarizing the current settings which can be handed off to a Compliance officer or filed as part of a GDPR Audit.

The File Fabric’s many privacy and security features make it a great platform for data security-minded organizations that have to comply with not only the GDPR but also other compliance regimes such as the Californian Consumer Privacy Act. The new Compliance Healthcheck dashboard makes it even easier to manage those features to help our customers achieve their compliance goals.

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Dan is COO at Storage Made Easy. He has been working with the founders since the company was launched.