The Growing Pains of Google Docs: Currently accepting uploads intermittently

One of the things we do with our multi-cloud platform is too monitor the clouds that we support. Today Google Docs has had intermittent problems both with uploading and downloading files.

Right now it is not possible to upload files via the SMEStorage platform because it’s not possible to upload files via Google Docs itself – if you try uploading files via Google Docs you get the message that you can see on the screenshot below:

The same error can be seen in the HTTP response:

:”Sorry, there was an error saving the file. Please try again.”,
“customerSpecificInfo”:{“errorMessage”:”Sorry, there was an error saving the file. Please try again.”}},”requestRejectedInfo”:{“reasonDescription”:”agent_rejected”}}}}}

Either Google are updating something or there are some issues with the platform right now. We’ll continue to monitor this and post an update when we see  things settle down. Right now the issue is intermittent. Sometimes it works fine other times it just fails.

Update: Our monitoring shows that the Google Docs platform has been stable for the last 2 hours so the intermittent issue seems to have been resolved

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