The Storage Made Easy® Enterprise File Fabric™ has been updated with a focus on Compliance, Protection and Collaboration

Multi-Cloud is a term that is in vogue now, but Storage Made Easy were one of the very original multi-cloud companies. We have always had a focus on unification of data assets whether on-cloud or on-premise and whether in-storage on in-app.

Having a unified approach to data provides the means in which companies can apply collaboration across data assets in addition to setting common policy for data governance and control to satisfy every increasingly robust compliance regimes.

Today is an exciting day as we announce the General Availability of the next generation of Storage Made Easy’s Enterprise File Fabric application.

The major themes for this feature release are:

  • Enhanced Governance and Compliance.  In addition to supporting regulation such as GDPR, we are adding support for new backend storage, hybrid-cloud and  even cross-cloud collaboration.
  • The File Fabric™ now supports Openstack Swift with Keystone v3 authentication. In addition both Swift DLOs and SLOs are now supported and the File Fabric can interact with Swift tempurl feature to take advantage of massively parallel downloads directly from Swift — still with SMEs Authentication (hooked into the companies IAM), Authorization and Auditing.
  • For S3 the File Fabric™ is fully supporting MPUs, range request reads and new signatures.  With our early adopters we have seen tremendous improvements with range reads, by delivering the part of the document they are interested in, before the whole file is downloaded.
  • In the collaboration arena we have added support for geographically dispersed, single namespace deployments. This allows corporations to deploy multiple instances where full replication is not possible, but still have access to files and workflows between the sites.
  • Approval workflows employees enable employees to work on documents, across storage endpoints,  and request reviews from managers, keeping the document hidden until approved. Once approved that version becomes locked and it cannot be tampered with. This is great for training documents, manuals, policies and procedures, etc.
  • A third example is native integration with with windows fileserver file locks, allowing for realtime bi-modal access to documents stored on legacy office file servers.

There is much more coming, and we cannot wait to update you about some of the exciting features landing in the next feature release.  Stay tuned and in the meantime enjoy the video below hilighting the new features in the latest release of the File Fabric™.


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