The Top Five Things You Should Check from your Amazon S3 or Azure Storage Access Vendor

As, post Covid-19, more companies evaluate a ‘cloud first’ strategy and open up Object Storage access to end users, in addition to other strategic use cases, there are five things that Companies should check when assessing their access vendor of choice:

1. Can you access the S3 or Azure data directly or are you locked in?

You should ensure you can get direct access to your S3 or Azure storage ie. the only method of access is not through the software vendor. If you decide to move vendors or want to run analytics or other workloads on the S3 storage you will need direct access.

2. Can you transfer files quickly to and from Azure / S3?

With users working from home, moving data quickly to/from S3/Azure is essential. Users are no longer on corporate networks, they are on consumer broadband so anything that can accelerate their productivity is key.

3. Do your users get desktop, web and mobile access to S3 / Azure data?

Users are used to working from home drives,  and with Applications such as Microsoft Office and, now Microsoft Teams. Is your vendor providing an integrated seamless access model for you Azure / S3 data ?

4. Are your corporate compliance and security requirements being met?

With so many users working from home are you sure your access vendor is supporting your GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA compliance requirements and is providing ways to protect the integrity and security of your data ?

5.  Is the charging model economical?

How are you being charged for access to your data ? Is it economical ? Is it something that is predictable for your company ?

How do we measure up ?

The Enterprise File Fabric is a privately hosted multi-cloud content management solution that provides a unified file system for both on-premises and object storage data.

It provides full event auditing of all file or object access and real-time PII/PHI scanning of data in addition to Ransomware protections for end user files.

It provides web-scale HTTP based SMB style desktop access to end users files as well as desktop synchronization and mobile Apps, with integrations into Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams and Slack.








The File Fabric also provides accelerated file transfer with its unique M-Stream file acceleration feature in which files can be accelerated as much as 10x to/from end user desktops.

M-Stream File Transer acceleration


You can download an enterprise trial of the File Fabric from here or contact us for a demo.

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