Using Android Total Commander with almost any storage cloud

Total Commander is a popular free file manager for Android phones and tablet devices. It essentially provides an Android version of a desktop File Manager.

Total Commander can be used with Plug-In.’s and these include WebDav, FTP and sFTP plugin’s. The plugin’s add extra functionality to the Total Commander product, enabling it to connect to data using WebDav, FTP and sFTP protocols.

Storage Made Easy provide WebDav, FTP and sFTP protocol adaptors enabling any storage cloud mapped to the SME service to be accessible over these standard protocols, even if the default storage cloud does not support them.

As WebDav is available for the free Account (up to 150MB usage per month) we are going to use WebDav to show how files from almost any storage Cloud can be accessed when using your Android Device, Total Commander and Storage Made Easy

The first thing to do is to install Total Commander and the WebDav plugin.

Next fire up Total Commander and there will be an additional option to add a WebDav Folder:

Total Commander WebDav folders

You can name the Server SME or whatever you want to call it:

Total Commander Android WebDav

Next you need to add the WebDav details. The endpoint is different depending on whether you are using the US or EU Storage Made Easy Server:

For on-site enterprise users then the url should be the endpoint set for the SME service.

The username and password are the SME username and password.

Total Commander Android add WebDav server

Once added the any cloud which has been added to the SME account is accessible.

Storage Made Easy Android Total Commander

For users of the SME SaaS business product, or enterprise on-site solution then any file uploads / downloads will be event audited and logged for future perusal.

For those who have access to SME Personal or business accounts then the Total Commander FTP and SFTP plugin’s can also be used with SME to access files.

SME also has its own dedicated Android App but we recognise that power users may want to integrate access to their files into a more traditional file manager.

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