Using Text Notes with the Enterprise File Fabric

Although the File Fabric can be used with web based document editors and can facilitate desktop editing using the unique CloudEdit feature, sometimes all you want to do is jot down a quick text note.

You might not be aware that The File Fabric has this facility built in, without the need for a third party note taking application.

If you are using the web based file manager you can very quickly add a note using the following simple workflow:

Right click and choose to add a new text note

Choose to edit and a skeleton file will be created on the underlying cloud directory that you are accessing and an editor will be loaded to enable you to create a note. This editor also had shortcut keys that can be used.

Once complete you can hit save which saves  it back to the underlying cloud location (Amazon S3, Azure, Google Storage, or any other type of cloud storage). Notes can be classified and tagged just like all other content on the File Fabric, and if you are using the enterprise on-premises File Fabric version then the contents of the note itself will be indexed and will be searched when searching across datasets.

Once save the note is available through File Apps for Android or iOS both of which have notes menu options to access a notes directory of your choosing, or you can simply navigate the cloud file manager in app to access and edit the note.

Additionally the notes can be edited as regular notes from the integrated desktop cloud drives on Mac, Windows or Linux.

The video overview gives a brief overview of the Cloud Notes feature.

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