Using the File Fabric to Enable the Life Science Community to Easily Work with Genomic Information

Probably one of the least known use cases of the Enterprise File Fabric is its implementation within the Healthcare and Genomics industry. The File Fabric is used as part of a healthcare workflow for secure, audited, end user access to genomic information.

Healthcare companies create and work with very large amounts of data that is used by both researchers and developers.  Data access needs to be secure, transparent, fast, auditable, and it also needs to work with the storage solutions that are already been used, including software designed solutions such as Object Storage.

In fact today in North America the File Fabric is being used within a major healthcare provider as part of a Covid-19 Genome Testing workflow.


The Enterprise File Fabric can be used to deliver large data sets to researchers’ desktops very quickly, using its unique M-Stream® feature. Additionally it enabled frictionless browsing of remotely stored Genomes. directly from a users desktop using its desktop integrated Cloud Drive technology, which to an end user simply looks like a network share.

For remote workers the File Fabric provides a web solution that integrates with a Genome viewer that scales easily to multi-gigabase Genomes and deep-coverage sequencing. The File Fabric includes a Dicom Viewer which can be used with any of the sixty plus file, block and object storage repositories that the File Fabric supports. Dicom images are mostly used in the medical industry and enable viewing of images such as X-rays, MRI’s, CT Scans etc.

Healthcare File Fabric

As per the regulatory requirements of Genome usage, all access is secure, regulated and audited.


  • Integrates with scalable cost effective software designed Object Storage for large scalable Genome repositories.
  • Supports FIPS certified encryption for additional security protections.
  • Federated authentication and authorization of end user access with delegated support for corporate Active Directory, LDAP and SAML.
  • Monitor file events across all data and provides a complete audit stream.
  • Desktop Drive for frictionless user access.
  • Web based Genomics viewer.
  • Support future growth needs with flexible deployment and configuration options.
  • Highly scalable highly available solution.
  • Works on-cloud, in data center or on-premises.

You can find more information about the Enterprise File Fabric for Healthcare and Genomics here, and download our solution brief here.

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