Using the File Fabric’s Home Page feature for Employee information

Home PageOne of the lesser known features of the File Fabric is the ability to define widgets for the File Fabric home  landing page.

This enables both Admins and users to have an input into user home pages when they login to the File Fabric. This feature is available on the SaaS and Enterprise versions of the File Fabric.

The File Fabric Home Page is normally the first things a user will see, although there is a policy that File Fabric Administrators can set to make this the File Manager if they wish for a more streamlined experience, but nevertheless the home page is a great place for Administrators to add instructions for employees, shortcuts or other productivity widgets.

From a user perspective, on the home page, they access the widgets available by clicking in the plus in the top right corner of the home page.

Intranet Widgets

A variety of widgets can be chosen, such as  a Trello Board, RSS, Twitter, Calendar or GoToMeeting for example.

File Fabric Widgets

It is also possible to have specially designed widgets that are specific to a company. For example one of our Retail clients has a widget that displays the Top 20 prior days retails sales.

Company Administrators can also assign a Company wide widget that can appear on all users Home Page, especially useful when employees are forced to work from home at short notice. There is a section within the branding policies to facilitate this:

Admin Banding

Once completed, when any employee logs in this can be the first thing they see and of course the instructions can change as and when the situation changes:



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