Visual Versioning added to Web Platform

We have now added support for visual versioning of files in the SMEStorage web platform to easily identify and manage files that have been edited or changed by individual and business users of the Cloud File Server.

The Cloud File Server Admin can manage whether files versioning is turned on or off, and can also choose whether versioned files are visible in desktop and mobile clients.

Visual versioning  is an enhancement we have made in the web application so that users can easily identify which files are versioned, and if they choose to, even easily promote previous versions of files.

If a file is promoted then all user comments attached to the file being replaced move to the file that is promoted so that there is consistency.

Versioning works on files above any of the numerous storage clouds that are supported by the SMEStorage platform. This means that the same files shared between organisations and stored on different storage clouds can still be tracked and versioned as if they resided on the same data service

The visual versioning feature is available now for all existing, and new, users of the SMEStorage SaaS  platform.

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