We have rebranded from SMEStorage to ‘Storage Made Easy’ !

We have taken the decision to rebrand from SMEStorage to Storage Made Easy. This transition comes as our original name became a millstone around our neck and more than just a bit of an Oxymoron ie. We don’t just sell to Small to Medium businesses and we don’t really do Storage !

Storage Made Easy enables us to keep our SME brand and more accurately reflects what we do ie. Layer on top of disparate Storage and other data resources to make management, governance, access, and search easier. The new site also reflects a more corporate style and reflects where the majority of our focus and business is coming from.

The transition should be painless for all users. All links shared as SMEStorage should continue to work, as will all old FileBox addresses. If you check your DashBoard you will see that you now have a new FileBox address that you should consider moving to. The existing access tools will continue to work and we will be releasing new branded version of these tools over time.

If you access SMEStorage.com you will be redirected to StorageMadeEasy.com and you should update your browser bookmarks.

We hope you like the new site layout and we welcome feedback !


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