Webinar: Bridging the gap between modern storage technologies and end user workflow

As organizations begin to move to cloud or object-based storage, they will need to consider how they will support their existing end user applications and workflows. Many users rely on file sharing services such as SMB or NFS to collaborate on projects with other co-workers, yet these types of workflows will not change anytime soon.

When discussing the move to cloud or object-based storage, organizations will need a solution that can bridge the gap with modern storage technologies.


Can’t make it? Don’t let that stop you. All registrants can later access the webinar on demand, so be sure to register!

Join us and learn how businesses like yours are benefitting from this solution.

Learn about:

    • How to bridge the gap between object-storage and traditional user applications & collaborative workflows.
    • Migrating data from existing storage devices to an object-based storage solution.
    • An object-storage solution that can scale with your business.
    • The data protection mechanisms that object-storage provides.
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