Webinar: Military Grade Cloud Storage Security for Enterprises and Service Providers

Join us for a webinar and live demonstration of a highly secure low-cost storage solution from Leonovus with file collaboration and end to end governance powered by Storage Made Easy.

First, we’ll see how Leonovus 3.0 software-defined object storage uses military grade tactics for securing highly distributed systems along with home-grown patented algorithms that virtualize and slice data across a network of on-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud storage nodes. Then we’ll look at how File Fabric™ from Storage Made Easy™ complements this secure storage infrastructure.

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File Fabric focuses on the application layer allowing organizations to apply policy-based controls to manage and secure end user and application access to instructed data. In particular we’ll touch on upcoming European GDPR regulations and the importance of defensible privacy and governance controls.

The exponential growth of unstructured data coupled with rising data security threats is creating huge challenges for IT organizations. Leonovus and Storage Made Easy have met this challenge creating not only a secure but also cost-effective scalable approach to storage.

Leonovus’ algorithms can identify existing idle or under-utilized storage assets, on-premise or in the cloud, like Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive, and redistribute for use by the rest of the organization.  End user collaboration and governance support from Storage Made Easy with File Fabric™ provides cost-effective self-service file synchronization and sharing for organizations and service providers that scales to hundreds of thousands of users.

See how this scalable highly secure distributed storage can:

  • Lower costs by driving down raw storage needs up to 50%.
  • Reduce risk of data loss through military-grade durability.
  • Allow users to securely access and share files – web, desktop and mobile.
  • Provide complete corporate control and compliance.
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