White Paper: A practical Guide for GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been approved by the European Union and, once it comes into force in May 2018, will give data subjects significant new rights over how their personal data is collected, processed, and transferred by data controllers and processors. It demands significant data protection safeguards to be implemented by organizations. The time to get ready is now, as the consequences of getting it wrong are significant.

GDPR is coming fast, it almost certainly applies to your organization, and the consequences of getting it wrong are severe.

In this White Paper published by Osterman Research, you’ll learn why the new GDPR is important and how technology is essential in enabling organizations to be compliant with the GDPR by aiding a robust and detailed policies, training, governance processes, and appropriate strategies that cut across not only IT, but also legal, risk management, compliance, senior management, HR and finance.

Storage Made Easy helps companies to be compliant with GDPR by offering an Enterprise File Fabric that allows business to monitor, secure and audit all data silos, enforcing governance and control of data.

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