The win-win collaboration with Red Hat Ceph Storage

We made an announcement on June 23rd about our Technology collaboration with Red Hat. That same week, Red Hat unveiled Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 with enhanced object storage capabilities and improved ease of use.

Storage Made Easy partners with Red Hat Ceph Storage
Storage Made Easy partners with Red Hat Ceph Storage

For this blog post, I’ll talk more about why we’re working with Red Hat. I’ll leave the technical overview of our partnership for next week’s post.

As we all know, Red Hat has been incredibly successful bringing Linux to the Enterprise. Now we’re seeing Red Hat take their Enterprise capabilities to the next level with a couple pitch perfect Storage acquisitions. In 2014, Red Hat bought Inktank to help their Enterprise customers implement open source solutions for datacenters, cloud and now object storage.

In the last couple years, Ceph has maintained a great community that SME has been privileged to support (Ceph Day in Sunnyvale). This community is more than a developers’ MeetUp, it’s a core resource for building better Ceph solutions in production environments. Now companies like SK Telecom, Cisco, Bloomberg, CERN, Samsung are using Ceph in production, at scale.

Ceph has become a cornerstone Block storage system in several environments; stand-alone in a datacenter, as part of a cloud framework (OpenStack) as part of an Enterprise solution with Linux (Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu), even as part of full public cloud offerings (Fujitsu’s K5 Cloud, for example).

Red Hat enhances upstream Ceph to create a hardened, production quality version. The latest release, code named Jewel in the Community and implemented in Red Hat Ceph Storage 2, includes several advanced object storage capabilities, such as global object storage geo-clusters, which provide a single namespace and data synchronization between clusters operating in multiple regions. This really ups the ante for web-scale, open source storage systems.

SME has always been the best solution for creating immediate access to Object Storage deployments (virtually any Object Storage system on the market right now). Now, by creating multi-geo full consistency, Red Hat is elevating Ceph as an ideal platform for integrating an SME solution. Ceph already has the reach, acceptance and production usage that all the standalone object storage vendors are hoping to achieve.

This is the key reason SME is proud to work with Red Hat and the upstream Ceph community. Ceph is growing quickly with multiple providers, use cases and services. This supports and aligns with SME’s ongoing position as the premier agnostic Enterprise File Sync and Share front-end application, providing access for multiple clouds within a private enterprise or public cloud.

With this partnership, SME can work directly with Red Hat as well as every existing user of Ceph. As Ceph is fast becoming the open source standard for storage, SME will support Ceph and Red Hat Ceph Storage with ready-to-use tools and capabilities, covering all the key use cases customers are asking for today.

SME with Red Hat Storage is accessible from any device

Enterprise File Sync and Share is an excellent way to collaborate and manage workflows within companies . Private drives, any device, anywhere; what better way to meet the changing times than with the ability to access your files from anywhere? And Home Drive replacement within the enterprise, no longer does this need to be complex or tied to a datacenter. SME gives all of this and more to Ceph users whether Red Hat Ceph Storage or upstream.

SME, the true solution for open source and enterprise!

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