Working from Home with the Enterprise File Fabric Explained in 30 Seconds

The File Fabric is deployed  in a company’s office or data centre.

The File Fabric is a software appliance so it can be deployed using VMWARE, Hyper-V, KVM, as an AMI or can be provisioned directly from the Google Marketplace.

The File Fabric  can be configured to connect to all of a companies storage, both on-premises and on-cloud. No data is moved or replicated. The File Fabric smart indexes content that is available.

Remote Workers using Windows and Mac desktops can connect to the File Fabric directly as a drive share, which uses secure web protocols (no VPN needed!), enabling users to work with Excel, Word, PowerPoint and all of their standard applications as usual from their ‘home drive’.

Permissions can be defined for end user access, polices defined to enforce data governance and compliance with the organization, and all user interactions are transparently audited and logged.

This barely touches upon what is available to companies who deploy the File Fabric, but if If you want to know more please contact us.

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Dan is COO at Storage Made Easy. He has been working with the founders since the company was launched.